Saturday, March 13, 2010


poetry of love
the words always hesitate
to hurt anyone

good to hesitate
do forever hesitate
before any war

' infestation ' / HB - 13

a will to conquer
weapons of mass destruction
a will to wage war

hurt and misery
no one really deserves it
i understand pain

original / zg


  1. To dwell in a moment of clear thought before acting--that is the thing! And it can be a good thing.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  2. many thanks sandy,

    are admissions to ur school open ..

  3. America & Freedom of Expression

    I have always valued The USA as A Champion of Democracy & still do .

    However i am pained to find that my undermentioned Comment has been selectively removed ' twice' from the post in question by DWL ( on the prompt 107 - Murmur - @ OSI )- Hosted at VTH by Dr. Beth Patterson

    My friend Beth hosts the site VTH & i will duly post my grievance there too.

    The Post in Question is linked:- HERE-: It is Titled ' Betrayal Disclosed '

    To my mind The US Senators who voted against the Iraq War on grounds of WMD are looked at with respect around the World for saying NO to a War whose Premises were ' Open To Question '.

    My Comment below has been written in this Context --

    - - -

    hi beth ,

    ( in case my 3rd cmnt is not displayed because of an error i am repeating it

    - i believe a fair & open minded writer as u would permit me the freedom of expression - ) :-

    . i am not known to have disputed the goodness of any poetic piece by any writer

    the opposition to the decision to go to war based on grounds of WMD by A Number of US Senators is a historic record

    Web Ref : - " Nobody can dispute that Barack Obama opposed the Iraq war from the start ..."

    Voices From 2002: Senators Who Voted Against War |

    I Believe my undermentioned lines are Anti War and Are not Pro or Anti Any Nation

    " a will to conquer

    weapons of mass destruction

    a will to wage war "

    & yes i continue to think of beth as a friend .. - - -

  4. Dear zoya--

    As your friend and fellow writer, I have to say I am sorry about the confusion--but your post about the war had nothing to do with the poetry the Dances with Loons (a pen name for a another blogger on the Virtual Tea House [VTH]) wrote, which was a poem about love being subverted; it had nothing to do with politics of any sort. Your comment was confusing and was drawing attention away from the meaning of the poem.

    That is why it was deleted--not because you don't have the right to say whatever you want!
    It just was a, 'what is zoya talking about? this is a love poem and he's going on about weapons of mass destruction?'

    I hope this clarifies the issue? If not, I'm happy to work through it more via email. You have mine.

    Take good care, zoya.
    Your friend Beth (host and blogger on Virtual Tea House)

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