Saturday, March 27, 2010


it was a grey cloud
but the dusk made it golden
was that an aura

i bow to your God
with or without an aura
i am a blind man

' devotion / illogical ? * ' / HB - 15

the earth is not flat
but it can hold us upright
unseen gravity

forget the logic
everything is rational
when you are in love ..

original / zg

[ probably ' illogical ' has been shifted / but then devotion can well be illogical --

Note :

Dear friends & co-writers at OSI ,

Unavoidable circumstances compel me to take leave from participating further at our Dear Meme for an indefinite period. Writing at my Blogs Somewhere Beyond & Insanity in Sanity is also on a halt.

While feigning to be a writer all the while I learnt so much from each one of you, & there is not a single writer to whom I do not owe my thanks , so kindly forgive me for not mentioning any of you by name.I think of all of you as my worthy classmates
& owe my gratitude to each one of you.

Please believe me when I say that I do not have the heart that would hurt a Poet .Still if you have reason to believe that I have caused you pain I believe you will forgive me with a smile .

I am sure you will continue to bring joy and richness to the lives of your readers through your contributions to One Single Impression _ The Meme I was always proud to be a part of ..

Zoya Gautam

Monday March 29 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010


the voices of love
or the mumblings of gossip
in hushed undertones

what is happening
liberated of myself
i murmur in sleep

' pregnant ' / HB - 14

the womb of the night
holds unlimited twinkles
till the birth of dawn

her heart is broken
the contract must be honored
surrogate mother ..

original / zg

Saturday, March 13, 2010


poetry of love
the words always hesitate
to hurt anyone

good to hesitate
do forever hesitate
before any war

' infestation ' / HB - 13

a will to conquer
weapons of mass destruction
a will to wage war

hurt and misery
no one really deserves it
i understand pain

original / zg

Saturday, March 6, 2010


the flight of a bird
an ostrich outruns the wolf
the plight of a bird

the theatre of life
runs in my neighbour's household
watch the dishes fly

' sleep ' / HB - 12

in a different world
a shift from reality
daydreamers sleepwalk

cure for sleeplessness
serious sermonizing
makes me fall asleep ..

original / zg

( Ed : lines 4 - 6 / HB 12)